They say that gifts show to the person how much they mean to you. In this time and era when gifts are such a craze, it is inevitable that gifting ideas are repeated
and with time become passe or stereotyped. So it is very important to have unusual gift ideas to impress the person you are giving the gift to. Even if you have to
rack your brains and endure long hours of thought, it is perfectly fine if ultimately the person is happy with the gift.

We live in the modern world, and so we are blessed. Our search for unusual gift ideas is short lived, because of gadgets. Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and
uses and colours so there is no dearth of variety and quality. They can be customised and personalised to each persons needs and so they are the perfect unusual gift

Let’s review how gadgets can be the perfect gift for everybody. The very fact that gadget come in customised uses and an almost limitless number of capabilities
makes them perfect for such an occasion. So we can select the gadget gift depending upon the kind of person we are gifting. The following ideas are the feedback given
by the people of the mentioned age group in a survey that we took. Suppose we are gifting a birthday present to a child of 5-10 years, then gadgets like a video game
or PSP are the perfect gifts. If the child is between 10-15 years of age, then gadgets like X-box will be perfect. If the person is between 15-20 years of age, then a
mobile phone or an ipod will be great. If the person is a little older, then a laptop would be a perfectly appreciated gift. If the person is a working professional
then a notebook computer or an e-book or even a multi level functioning mobile like a blackberry or a samsung galaxy tab or even an ipad would be well received. If the
person is a house wife then she is very lucky because there is an extremely wide range of household gadgets or even kitchen gadgets that can be gifted to her. Gifts
like mobiles, plasma or Lcd television sets, juicers, intelligent cooking systems, etc will be perfectly augmented to her lifestyle.

That’s why gadgets can be the ideal unusual gift ideas, because they can be augmented around an person’s lifestyle and personalised needs to deliver maximum joy and
satisfaction. So the next time you’re gifting a gift to anyone, go to the nearest gadget store and look for that perfect gift that suit your lucky person’s need

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It’s kind of hard to accept, Pluto has always been our favorite underdog, but the truth is that the Solar System‘s ninth planet was never really significant enough to earn that designation. Such is the coldly logical reason given for its removal from the planetary annals by a man who had a lot to do with its demise. Caltech astronomer Mike Brown discovered Eris, what he’d hoped was the tenth planet, back in 2005, but its extreme distance from the Sun and diminutive (by planetary standards) dimensions disqualified it from consideration. Unfortunately, its discovery is what doomed Pluto to be downgraded to a “dwarf planet,” though Mike’s not shedding too many tears over it. In fact, he’s gone and written a book about the whole thing, the smug planet destroyer that he is. You don’t have to buy it to learn more, however, as the source link has an interview with Mike all ready and waiting.

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We’re guessing we’ll see a more official announcement about these soon enough, but for now we’ll have to make do with some product pages that have quietly turned up on Gigabyte’s website for two new Atom N550-based netbooks: the M1005 and Q2005. As Netbook News notes, the latter of those (pictured above) looks to be remarkably similar to the Jolicloud Jolibook, also based on the same dual-core N550 processor, while the M1005 appears to be a relatively minor update to the company’s M1022 model, right down to the same docking station (check it out after the break). Still no indication of pricing or availability for either of them, but you can find the complete specs for each at the links below.

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Wirelessly connected to an iPhone, the Thimble would be an interface of parts: scanner, translator, voice-activated command module… perhaps the most enticing application is as a sort of Braille ebook reader—a prospect charismatic enough to make me want to learn to read Braille.

Alas, a refreshable haptic Braille display remains a holy grail of sorts; attempts to create readable Braille outputs using vibrating dots or electrical pulses or tactile illusions remain evocatively fictional. Another concept device, the Haptic Braille, which won a Red Dot Award for design, would incorporate a Braille readout in a mouselike device; scanning text and translating it as a series of Braille impulses rendered on the device’s soft, biodegradable surface.

Of course, any good concept device should incorporate biodegradable material—or Kryptonite, or Unobtanium—wherever possible. There’s a whole growing rhetoric unique to design fiction, a poetics compounded of scifi, aesthetics, and marketing pitch; it makes me wonder what university will be the first to offer an MFA in concept-video production.

On the other hand, it’s a marvelous techno-cultural impulse to see the differently-abled—the blind, the deaf, the whole spectrum of what conventionally gets called disability—as avatars of compelling sensory and kinesthetic worlds instead of objects of revulsion and pity. At its worst, such curiosity focuses on sensuous exotica; at its best, it gives birth to transformational technologies.

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